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    Kailash Manasarovar Yatra- 20 GB is not Enough!!

    Checklist all ticked, done with luggage and backpacking, it was a get- set-go day for Kailash-Manasarovar Yatra. The weather in Kathmandu though was increasing our beat rates, we group of 80+ wearing the warm down jackets of Fishtail Tours and travels, started off for China boarder from Kathmandu early in the morning, Thanks to Lord Shiva, the three days continuous monsoon did no harm to us, except the thick moist covered my camera lenses.

    Picturesque start of the day it was as soon as we immediately crossed the Miteri Bridge, the Boarder bridge of Nepal and China. The wonderful waterfalls, the green alpine forests blown out by thick patterned mists, I started framing all these thinking I’ll never get a chance to see them again. Nyalum, our acclimatization point at 3800 meters altitude was a very new topography for me. The new cowboy hat purchased from there and my black shades added a new fun holding my DSLR.

    Out of one’s imagination, the wonderful landscapes would change its color patterns in every bends of the smooth roads that actually made me keep my lens open all the time, and mouth too. Lucky me to get the front seat, I made the Chinese driver wonder why the shutter sound never stopped at all. At the day halt point, I used to go for a walk all alone, climb small plateaus hoping to touch the low flying bright clouds and experience the feel of walking into the illusionary painted poster. My mind was always occupied by framing EYEDIAS.

    I left nothing to be captured into my memory card, the long exposures at night, the shooting stars, sunrise, sunsets, flying albatrosses, herds of sheep and mountain goats, beautiful Tibetan people and their lifestyles, unique wild animals and creatures, wild desert flora and faunas, clouds, mud houses, the never ending roads. The real pain started when I first saw the beautiful Holy Mount Kailash standing gigantic in the form of lord Shiva and the deep blue Manasarovar Lake beneath it. I was badly warned by the memory shortage that really made me realize, 20 GB is not enough. Whatsoever, for any lensman and the Hindu devotees all around the world, I suggest, Kailash- Manasarovar Yatra was the most beautiful experience of my lifetime indeed and my special thanks to Fishtail tours and travels and your best team allotted for the Yatra for your best possible services and great hospitality.

    By: Prakash Pandey (Tour Leader)

    Heli Tour to Damodar Kunda, Mustang

    Many Hindus from round the world dream to take a holy bath at least once in their lifetime in the sacred Damodar-Kund, situated at an altitude of 5,400mthe lap of high Himalayas in Upper Mustang area of Nepal. In the column of Barah Puran; Lord Krishna have said that who pays a visit to this Kunda and takes a deep-bath, they will be freed from all the sin. It is also mentioned in Puran that two sons of Kubers were suffering from their wrongdoings & sins, which they did in their previous birth but Lord Krishna suggested them to take bath in this Kunda and immediately after taking bath in this Kunda they were released from all their sin. So the importance of a visit to this sacred place cannot be described in a short paragraph.

    A quick and a fun tour on helicopter can be arranged to Damodar Kunda via helicopter from Pokhara city airport.



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